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Operator Example Finds products containing...
cannula blue
cannula AND blue
the words cannula and blue (the keyword AND is optional)
cannula OR blue the words cannula or blue
cannula NOT blue
cannula -blue
the word cannula but not the word blue
ABT* the word ABT as a wildcard match. The wildcard character (*) must only be at the end of the word
"instant coffee" the phrase instant coffee (without quotes)
+battery Only the word battery, and not the plural or any tenses or synonyms
~auto the thesaurus forms of the word auto: truck, car etc


The AND operator takes precedence over the OR operator in queries. You can change the operator precedence by using parentheses. For example, consider the following query:-

bandage pink OR blue

This query is evaluated as:

(bandage AND pink) OR blue

You can change the order with parentheses so that the OR is evaluated first, like this:

bandage (pink OR blue)